Next one’s the finale guys. Hang in there!

On a side note: I saw Captain America. It was quite awesome. A fan on Twitter wanted me to include a reference in this week’s strip. I wanted to as well but it was a bit hard, given the story arc. So the best I could do was this. For those of you who care to read the explanation (which went on longer than I anticipated) you’ll be rewarded with a bit of Name Game back story, or at least how it’s helped me personally.

On another note, it appears I’ll be going to PAX Prime (given my plans work out). I have my badge! I will have a few Podibama posters left over from PAX East that I will be happy to give to fans totally free. I may leave them at The Escapist’s booth though, since they wore down on me at East. If you find me sometime after all the posters are gone, don’t fret. I’ll be glad to draw a little something for ya there!

I found out Cory Rydell of Critical Miss is going to be there as well. If I find him we’ll activate some Wonder-Twin-comic-artist shenanigans I’m sure … or just battle … we’ll see.

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