A Closer Look At the World of Dishonored


A pile of Dishonored concept art and screens, plus a brand-new video preview, show off the gloriously sleazy underbelly of the game’s neo-Victorian world.

Some of these screenshots may seem familiar thanks to last week’s first preview of the upcoming Dishonored but they’re still well worth another look, and there’s plenty of new stuff in here, too. The city of Dunwall appears suitably steampunk but it’s more interesting, I think, that it also looks pretty seedy; most of these images come from just one section of the game but the fact that Arkane and Bethesda decided that a house of ill repute was the foot they wanted to put forward first is absolutely fascinating to me.

A closer look at what’s in store in Dishonored can be had by way of Gamespot’s latest video preview, “Creating Steampunk Beauty,” which touches on the game’s “painterly” art style and focused level design. “Rather than going in a big span, covering miles with a vehicle, one building is so meaningful that it can play through it as three different levels, because you can explore it in completely unexpected ways,” said Visual Design Director Viktor Antonov. “It’s about depth and density of experience.”

Dishonored will be out later this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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