Publications Changes for Steve Uy’s Fantasy Epic

ORANGE, CA — 2 December, 2003 —
imageImage Comics has announced changes in the publication of Steve Uy’s Feather. Originally solicited as a six-issue miniseries, Featheris now a five-issue miniseries concluding with a 48-page one-shot in May. Solicitations for issue #4 (DEC03 1316 D2) incorrectly listed that issue as the conclusion of a four-part miniseries.

“Feather has NOT been shortened in any way,” explained Uy. “The reason for this change will be quite evident upon issue #4’s release: given the brutality of the storyline, it seems unfair to break up the final act of Feather into two separate issues, two months apart, so the final two issues will be amalgamated into one big issue #5. To do otherwise would have frustrated too many readers and would have done a disservice to the storytelling.

“Naturally, I urge all readers to pre-order this particular issue, since the heftier page count will necessitate a heftier price point, meaning retailers may be more hesitant to stocking it. And once the book is gone, well…”

Feather #4 is available for order now in the December issue of Previews and will go on sale in February. Feather #3 is due in stores December 10.

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