A First-Person Look on How George R. R. Martin Writes Game of Thrones


A first-person rendition of what it’s like in George R. R. Martin’s head when writing his books for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Have you ever wondered about the creative writing process George R. R. Martin goes through when writing Game of Thrones, or more broadly, his A Song of Ice and Fire series?

I’ve always pictured several printed drafts laying on the floor, post-it notes stuck on each page with details on the vast lore of Westeros and beyond. He carefully and meticulously rereads his ideas, nitpicking his work down to the names he gives his secondary characters, all to create the best stories he can muster.

Or if we’re to believe YouTuber Mr.TVCow, it’s just him finding new ways to kill characters off instead of giving them a happily ever after. In his latest video, gamer and VFX editor Michael creates a first-person game of what it’s like to be novelist George R. R. Martin.

The video contains spoilers if you haven’t read the third book or seen the first half of season 4.

Source: Kotaku

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