A Fold Apart by Lightning Rod Games is a puzzle game that explores the complications that exist within a long-distance relationship. Telling the tale of an architect and a teacher whose careers have forced them on separate paths, the game shows both sides of the story, putting you in charge of flipping their world upside down to get your couple on the same page, literally. Players are given the opportunity to choose a pairing for their couple which best represents them, enabling the story to resonate more truthfully for every player.

A Fold Apart is roughly three hours in length, which, although short, is highly polished and tells the story that it wants to tell in a way that is truthful and fun. In a time when many of us know how it feels to be separated from our loved ones, A Fold Apart provides a wonderful catharsis that celebrates the highs and lows experienced in every relationship.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.


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