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A Heroines Perspective: I7 – Have You Hugged Your Villain Today


I7 is finally on the way, with even a few items gone live in early patches, like the dance club. The one thing we have all noticed is the serious attention being given to the villains. Not like I’m going to object. I have heroes and villains, so it’s all around goodness for me, but I can see that some people who still play just CoH might feel a lack of love from this issue.

You have to admit, they are doing a lot to catch the villains up to the heroes really fast, implementing level 40 to 50 content and boosting up the missions a bit. Still, with all the new missions, special villain only power sets and all the rest, this issue is leaving a lot to be desired for the heroes.

Not that the heroes get nothing. There’s the dance club – which, if nothing else, is interesting, a new PVP zone for both villains and heroes. More base stuff, only really important if you do anything with bases, UI upgrades – again, both are for heroes and villains. In fact, the only heroes only upgrade is an art and graphics upgrade, and speaking for myself, I’ll probably wince a bit when that happens, since CoV is lag city for me and my graphics card.

In the mean time, the heroes can take some bit of, admittedly cold, comfort in the fact the issue is trying to even things out between the two groups, and not really intended as a slight to the caped crusaders.

But what about the stuff that has come out? Like the dance club! Cool idea, and I’m rather glad to see them giving the place a face lift, not to mention making it a mixer, both for just those wandering through, and for those doing missions.

And the badge just for logging in? Sure, why not, it’s kinda cool, and is rather like the Jet setter badge from the Christmas event, neat and just shows when you where around. I mean, the badge just tells people ‘Hey, I was playing in time for the Valentine’s Day event in 2006!’ Not that I’m objecting! I’ve felt a bit cheated seeing badges I couldn’t get on the list a few times myself.

Oh, don’t forget the new costume piece. My only objection to this? The fact that you have to send out the code and someone has to buy the game for you to get the rest of the pieces. I’ve already given away my other codes and hooked two people into playing before this! I don’t think I know enough people that would be interested enough, or have the specs to install the game (Otherwise my mother and her boyfriend would so be getting that email!). I can understand wanting people to spread the love, but I dislike the idea of people who just happen to know a half dozen folk who, not only play online games, but have the PC to handle it, getting this. Thanks for denying me just because I have a smaller group of friends.

Over all, I think I7 will be like any other issue, just with all the complaining coming from the villains side this time, or not, I’m sure there are heroes out there complaining about the lack of love. This will be the first issue release I’ve been around for, since I started just after I6, so maybe I’ll finally come to understand the objection to ‘nerfing’. Then again, maybe not.

Catch you next week folks. Remember that having fun is the important part of the game and if you’re up for that, feel free to drop me a line at my global @Mialiah. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day, on top of that.

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