It took this gamer two months, eight hours a day, to inventory his collection for sale.

“I just have too much things,” says this Italian gamer, “and the space to store them is finished long ago … also I realized that if I want to play at least half my games, I should live two or three entire human life.” So he’s selling it. All of it. Do you want it? Well, do you have $550,000? ‘Cause that’s the bid price, sweetheart, but – if this is any consolation – he does ship worldwide, though he says it will take about a month to pack it all up for shipping. Just don’t ask him to sell single items; he’s not interested, unless you’re buying it all.

It took this gamer two months of his life – that’s working eight hours a day, mind you – just to catalog his collection. He calls it “the story of videogames”, and it covers pretty much everything from Pong to the present day. We have some pictures here, but that’s nothing – and I really do mean nothing – compared to the extravaganza over on Ebay right now. He wants to sell it all in one go, because he really doesn’t have the time to piece it out; and while this might sound like a negotiating tactic, one look at the collection proves his point. Never mind playing them, it might take more than one lifetime just to sell them off.

So if you’ve ever wanted 350 consoles, 220 controllers, over 6,800 games, plus hundreds of other items – if you’ve ever wanted to own your own gaming store, basically – talk to this fella. He has what you need, and the auction has eight days left to run.

Source: Ebay

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