A Link Between Worlds Introduces New Princess, Villain and World


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will unveil the mirror world of Lorule, the princess Hilda and a new villain named Yuga.

For some time now we’ve known that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds would be a sequel to the franchise’s classic SNES entry A Link to the Past. Now, Nintendo has released a new trailer for the game and revealed story details including the identity of the game’s villain, a new princess and Hyrule’s mirror world “Lorule.”

The trailer itself wastes no time in showing off these new elements, as well as more of the game’s painting mechanic, which allows Link to flatten himself a against a wall and travel along it to access otherwise unreachable areas. From the look of things this power will actually originate from the game’s villain, the evil sorcerer Yuga.

From what’s shown, the painting power will also be used to access the game’s secondary world: Lorule. Lorule appears to be very much a darker version of Hyrule, something arguably evidenced by the giant, creepy shadow monster the trailer exhibits at the 1 minute, 47 second mark.

Lorule will be governed by Hilda, a mirror of Zelda. According to producer Eiji Aonuma, the “conflict” between Zelda and Hilda will play a significant part in the game’s the story. “Naturally they’re both princesses, and they both have kingdoms, and they’re both thinking about their kingdoms,” he said. “But they also have different desires (and) different motives each to their own. How those interact and conflict is how the story develops.” All in all, these new details have us even more interested in this game. What do you think about how A Link Between Worlds is shaping up?

Source: IGN

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