A Little to the Left by Max Inferno is a delightfully cozy puzzle game that tasks you with tidying up household messes in an incredibly satisfying way.

Controls are simple, with a click and drag of the mouse being all that is required to complete a level. Some puzzles also have multiple solutions, which encourages you to come back and approach the problem from a new perspective to fully complete it. If you want even more, variations of the game’s 75+ levels are offered as a Daily Tidy Delivery, offering you a bite-sized gameplay fix once a day.

Each puzzle presents uncomplicated but engaging designs that never become overly challenging or frustrating thanks to the inclusion of two brilliantly implemented features: the hint system and the option to “Let It Be.”

The hints in A Little to the Left are presented as a hand-drawn solution, completely covered in scribbles. You can then choose how much or how little you’d like to reveal, meaning that you still feel in control, even when you need a little bit of guidance.

Then there is the Let It Be mechanic that allows you to simply move on to the next puzzle if you are feeling stuck. I cannot praise this feature enough, as it allowed me to just keep moving along through the experience without friction and come back at my own pace, maintaining the game’s comfy and fun feeling.

A Little to the Left also features an occasionally naughty cat whose sole purpose is to bring chaos to your cleanliness. What I adored about this was how it helped sell the story of two people and their beloved, but cheeky, pet through gameplay alone. Because each level presents a small glimpse at how Annie and Lukas, the developers that make up the Max Inferno team, organize their own lives.

The art is lovely and lends itself to so many aesthetically pleasing puzzles that makes each new level an absolute treat. The sound design is equally impeccable and truly immerses you within this experience. Correct item placement was always accompanied by subtle audio cues that elevated the everyday act of tidying up. That said, all of the music and sound deserve high praise, working together cohesively with the art to enchant and surprise in a way that kept me smiling long after I finished playing.

Brimming with charm, A Little to the Left is a visual delight that is equally cute, clever, intuitive, and deeply satisfying — best enjoyed on a rainy day with a warm cup of tea in hand. Spanning over the course of roughly two and a half hours, A Little to the Left is the perfect accompaniment for your next quiet weekend at home.

A Little to the Left is out November 8 on PC and Mac, with a release on Switch, iOS, and Android coming in the future.

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