A Musical Warning for Battlefield 3 Campers: You Gonna Die


The man who gave us the live-action Skyrim: Dragon Hunt video is back with a special message for Battlefield 3 campers: it ain’t goin’ down this time around.

Full disclosure: I like camping. I enjoy the stealth, the sneaking and of course the popping guys in the head from out of nowhere when they think that they’re safe and sound and have nothing to worry about. But most people don’t dig that style of play for some reason, and the term “camper” has some decidedly negative connotations. Case in point is Campers Be Warned, the new video from Tom Antos and DeStorm.

“I love FPS games. Call Of Duty or Battlefield are both great, but what I hate are campers. So here’s a video making fun of all those campers who sit out the whole game while other players run around scoring kills,” Antos wrote on YouTube. “In Battlefield 3 it’s going to be extra hard to camp since the environment is destructible and there are lots of vehicles including tanks, helicopters and JETS!”

You may recall Antos as the guy who gave us the Skyrim: Dragon Hunt video back in September. That was cool but this is more my speed: fun (and informative!) without being too heavy-handed. I’ll still be out there camping, though. Consider yourself warned.

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