A path, a life, a love………….

Character Name: Xethalia
World: Seraph
Linkshell: LostUnited
Race: Tarutaru Female
Job:White Mage/Black Mage

A path, a life, a love………….

Life for me started out well in windy, happy childhood memories of chasing rarrabs out in the fields, teasing the cardians that stood guard over our beloved home. Life was good and i was happy and secure.

Now when i reached that certain age in a taru’s life where your direction needs to be chosen, i originally chose the path of the dark arts, i had marvelled and envied those courageous travellers for so long that i saw in passing whilst playing out in the grasslands, and the mystic art did intrigue me.

Time past and my skills grew as did my powerful magic, i felt invincible at times, but then one day i met someone who changed my life, a kind and wonderful elvaan by the name of Xperdiem. i had returned home to lick my wounds after discovering my powers weren’t as great as i first thought, and was feeling low.
He made a simple offer of friendship to me and an invite to his group of like minded friends. I felt so touched by his offer, since staring my training i had lost all contact with former childhood friends and had become increasingly lonely.
Everyone was so lovely and welcomed into their family straight away, and helped with my training.
i became more and more curious though as to the arts Xperdiem himself studied, a white mage, dedicating his life to the healing of others, this was something i had ever even given a second thought! to me magic had always been for damage, all powerful and destroying! i continued following my path for a while but the thought of using powers to help others always niggled within the back of my mind.

My path of choice came to an abrupt halt one day when i discovered an injured mithra out in the grasslands around my home, she was badly hurt and could hardly walk, i felt so useless, here i was, with all this power and could do nothing to aid her plight! i helped her to my home in windy, i was a slow journey and i protected her from the monsters that sought us out the best i could. Once back home to mog i made a decision, i was to restudy as a healer and help others the best i could.
Mog took the mithra, named Mey into our home and cared for her whilst i journeyed on to san d’oria. i fulfilled my as training and completed my pilgrimage. There under the light of Altana, i discovered my true path, a healer and carer for the people of vana’diel…….

Now there comes a certain disadvantage at being a healer, you have very little protection against the ungodly beasts that roam our fair world of vana’diel, and being a small taru like myself certainly made me a visible “easy prey” in the Beastmens eyes.

My new found family had informed me of a wise old gentlemen who could be found in the fishing harbour of Selbina. He would grant those he deemed gifted enough, the knowledge of calling upon the power of multiple paths.
What i mean to say is, in my case he could teach me to make use of my earlier training, in the dark arts. Although i preferred to use my gift from the heavenly Altana for the good of the people, i also could see the benefit to protecting myself in this.

And so it was that a kind and spirited Hume named Wivyx, made the offer of accompanying me to see Isacio.
As i had not yet applied for my licence to ride the wondrous chocobo that roam our land, the journey from my homeland was hard and long. We made our way from Windurst, across the sun drenched plains of Saruta, and through the treacherous terrains of Tarhongi and Burimbula, to the port town of Mhaura.
here we sought rest and supplies on a fishing ship, whilst our journey continued to Selbina in the region of Zulkheim.

Isacio himself was easy to find, although the task he laid upon me to gain the knowledge was not. he requested i bring him three rare items to prove my courage, worth, and dedication.
I had feared for the worst at this point, fearing that i, a tiny taru would be no match for the monsters that faced me during my search around the arduous Valkrum dunes. But, proving his worth, my Hume, my love, Wiv, accompanied my every step, protecting me from ambushing goblins and the undead that roamed around. He lifted my spirits whenever i considered giving up.

Finally my task was complete, tired and weary, i returned to Isacio and presented him with the items i had so valiantly sought. I spent many a night under the starry sky of selbina, learning, watching, hungrily grasping at the new power that came my way. A Taru mind, it is said, is more adept as the ways of the arts, and mine was no exception. Finally my task was complete, i understood the teachings fully, and could grasp the concept of calling on both forces, in which i was trained.

It was now i panicked, Wiv has completed his job and my task was done. Would he leave me now? Was i to lose the one i had grown so fond of? We sat on the dock of selbina in the dusky evening sun, and i felt as though my little taru heart was breaking.

“so then Xeth” he asked “what are your plans now?”
“umm, I’m not sure, i guess you’ll be wanting to head back home now your work here with me is done?”
I looked down so to avoid him seeing the disappointment in my tear brimmed eyes.

“Oh i don’t know, i was thinking, maybe you would like to come to san D’oria with me?”
I looked up, my heart racing, and joy showing in my eyes!
“Really? you really want me to come with you?!” i asked with baited breath “Hehe of course i do my little taru, I’m not letting you wander off on me now” he replied laughing.

And so we sat,a taru mage and her Hume protector, watching the sun set over the crystal waters of the Patam Straits, beginning to create the bonds that would grow between us, an unbreakable force of love.

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