A Whole new week

Character Name: Macewind
World: Caitsith
Linkshell: BalanceofJustice
Race: Elvaan
Job/Level: Red Mage/20

I am Macewind, soldier of The Balance of Justice. I would like to tell a tale of
confidence lost. My path took me to Jeuno…a flourshing town of commerce. I had
been here once before to tend to a sick and mistreated Chocobo…it smelled but I
grew to love that yellow big bird! I had returned to begin my leveling conquest and
maybe gain some Jeuno fame by doing town quests.

I headed down to Port Jeuno to get to the cave that led to Qufim. Once there I would
get myself a band of brothers to fight alongside me. Be they Elvaan…sexy
Mithra…unclean yet strong Galkans…or coconut-headed magically-enhanced
tarutarus; I would fight along side them in Vana ‘Diel. After waiting a LONG time
for group a group to pass by I finally got a group willing to hunt. I join their
gathering and we set off to go to a lake. While traveling to the lake I was
terrified of the Giants that were standing near the cave exit. Not to worry, they
were slow and lumbering…at least that’s what I thought.

We reached the lake in quick fashion. I was relieved that I wasn’t jumped by any
fiends…yet I was still afraid of the impending doom that was just outside of the
lakes area. Immediatly the group scattered; I tried to follow one of them around the lake as they looked for worms. “If we find a worm how will we get to you in time before you die?!?!” I exclaimed in frustration and anger for we were not together and were very disorganized. “HEY I FOUND A WORM! COME HERE!” one of the partymembers exclaimed. Screams of “WHERE ARE YOU?!” rang out like echos in the cove-like area. We reach the position that our seperated party member was only to see the fiendish worm cower in fear and burrow under the ground.

“Nevermind it’s gone” the party member exclaimed.

By this point I am becoming very frustrated with the situation. I pull the second in command aside and ask him to lead me out of the area for I grew tired of the
disorderly manner that the party was being managed. He agreed and decided to disband with me.

Tells of “WTF WHERE DID YOU GO!” entered my mind as if they were able to
talk to me through some telepathy. Ignoring their anger I followed the second back
to the cave entrance.

Right at that moment a giant materialized in front of the entrance. It smelled
Elvaan blood…It attacked. A Strong elvaan does not run from battle…but Macewind
of San d’Oria had no choice but to run. I felt disgusted as my legs carried me away
from the Giant’s blows. “I MUST STAND AND FIGHT!” I exclaimed. Fight I did…”Spark
Bilbo, guide me through this fight for it may be my last.” With my trusty blade at
my hand I stop my flee, turn around, and face my de
ath with honor.

I awake to find myself revived by a group of passerbys. I thanked them kindly for
their help and offered what gil I had for their care. They would not take my money
and said they were glad to help a fallen comrad. With a heavy heart I pick up my
sword and sheath it…never to be used in Qufim again. Durring my unconciousness I
had forgotten many spells that I had learned at my twentieth level. Would I have to
fight again to remember these spells? Nay, I can’t go out to the field again…I’ll
perish. The streets of Jeuno will be my new home. I may never be able to leave

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