I just wanted to explain where I got the title of my column name, “Morningstar”. I was sitting at my computer late at night racking my brain to try and come up with a clever clomun title. Nothing was coming to me. After a while the titles I just came up with stopped making sense as I was just pulling them out of any where I could. Discouraged, AFI began to play in my winamp. I said to myself, Prettz, that’s not a bad idea. You like AFI, they’re a good band, you describe their music as awesome. I took a look at the title of the song that was playing, Morningstar. Said to myself, “good enough for me.” Slapped the sucker on there and called her a night. It’s just a temporary name for now. It might change if I find a title that would be a little more relevant.

Let me tell you, Final Fantasy XI… too good. I’m addicted. I wish I had more time to spend playing it. I move back up to the dorms this weekend. I’m kind of scared that it’s not going to work with the Universitie’s network. I’ve had problems playing ps2 online during first semester, so I’m a bit nervous. We’ll see, it’ll be alright. I’m hanging around Windurst right now trying to get through the missions. I can’t wait for the day I turn level 20 so I can get a chocobo. It takes freakin forever to get anywhere in Windurst.

That’s it for me. Time to get packing. Back to the dorm life.

Prettz <h5>PrettzV // [email protected]</h5>

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