The Diary of a Tarutaru


I quickly opened my eyes and lifted my head up. “I must have dosed off there for a little bit.” My companion had given me a hard elbow to the ribs. “You were asleep before we even left.” Her name was Devony of the Mithra race. Her slender cat-like body was bending over me waiting for me to stand up. Her tail wagged eagerly as she was excited to explore the new lands that waited outside for us.
We had come in on a magnificent looking ship. We left our homes in Windurst in search of adventure. That’s what we were, we were adventurers. We had made our way through the canyon, across the peninsula, and finally to Mhura. That’s when opportunity presented itself. We didn’t have any intention of traveling that far away from Windurst, I mean, we just started this adventurer stuff, we didn’t know anything about it. When we made it to Mhura, we saw this massive boat and we got excited. They were selling tickets for 100 gil each. We couldn’t pass it up. Without knowing where we were headed, we stepped foot on the ship that would change our lives.
“Where are we?” I wondered as we stepped off onto the sandy ground. Our eyes, squinted in pain as the blazing sun reflected off every tiny grain of sand. “You are in the beautiful port town of Selbina, my friend” answered a strange old man staring off across the ocean as if he had been lost in thought. “Let me guess, you two have decided to become adventurers.”
“That’s right. We’re going to make a name for ourselves.”
“Heh… you remind me of myself when I was young. I was once like you. I was a warrior. A damn good one at that too. I had the fame. I was known all across the land. It wasn’t easy though. Not just anybody can make it in this business.”
“We’re the best duo around.” Devony proclaimed.
“Heh… that’s the sure fire attitude of a warrior.”
“Yep!” Devony replied.
“I like you two. You have that fire in your eyes. I’ll tell you what. If you two really want to make this business work, you have to know the secrets of the trade. You can’t just run around blind folded. I can teach you some valuable techniques.”
“Really!? That would be great!” I thought to myself.
“What’s the catch?” Devony asked skeptically.
“Haha… good. That inquisitive nature of Mithras. I won’t pass these techniques down to just anyone. You’ll need to prove to me you actually have what it takes?”
“How?” I asked.
“I want you to find me three items and bring them back to me. Bring me back a Crab apron from a Crab, a dhammsel worm, which are a delicacy of dhammsel flies, and finally a magic skull from a ghoul, who stalk the lands at night. Bring these to me and you will become enlightened with techniques that will make you more powerful than you have ever imagined. Be forewarned, these items will not be easy to obtain.”
“Uhh… okay.” I said slowly stepping backwards.
Devony and I slowly walked through the port town checking out the shops and discussing what just happened. “That guy was weird.” Devony answered. “I don’t know if we should trust him.” She was never very trusting. Devony always played by her own rules. “I don’t know… it wouldn’t hurt to look at least.” I told her. “Alright, just as long as this doesn’t get in the way of our main goal.” I tilted my head. “Which is?”
“Exploration… and, uh… I guess we could harvest some stuff from the creatures around here and bring the items back to Windurst to sell. We could make a killing.” I looked up at her. “Well, let’s not waste too much time, let’s get moving.”

To be continued…

“…and the moon smiled over the land with content.”
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