I know I haven’t updated the column for a while and I feel really bad about that. The thing is I’ve been busy. I’m not really sure where all my time goes. Lord knows I don’t really spend it on homework. I know last night I used three and a half hours to watch the predicta-fest known as the Acadamy Awards. Everybody knew Lord Of The Rings was going to take home every oscar. LOTR shot 11 out of 11 last night. That’s rediculous! That’s a 100% record people. Billy Crystal was good as always. I enjoy his work. The opening wasn’t up to par with his others, but he did have the good one-line zingers that he threw in there between presenters. I’m very happy that Sophia Coppela won for Best Original Screen Play. That makes me happy, she deserved it. Lost in Translation was amazing.

Other than that it’s been rather slow in Final Fantasy news. Nothing too exciting has been going on. I will tell you that march is going to be a good month for gaming though. I know I’m picking up Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for sure. Also Lifeline comes out wednesday I think. It’s good to see original concepts and people taking risks. I give kudos to lifeline for trying something new and really working with it. What else do we have? Unreal 2004 is out this month. Resident Evil Outbreak at the end of the month. Harvest Moon for gamecube, how could I have forgot. Suppsedly the best Harvest Moon to date. Fingers Crossed. It has connectivity to the gameboy version of Harvest Moon, but nobody really knows what it does yet.

If you’re like me then you can’t wait for spring break to start. So many games, so little time. I don’t know what to do.

“I know you want to hit that.”
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