Abilities Exposé #3

In our third installment of this weekly series, we get a look at four new abilities in Auran’s Fury. This MMO redefines the way we think about character progression and customization with a unique system that allows players to earn a variety of abilities, but only bring specific combinations into the game’s frenetic player vs. player battles.

Every Wednesday, we’ll bring you four more abilities and some exclusive images from the game. This week’s image is a piece of concept art that shows a character in the outer ring of a coliseum environment.

Fury Abilities Exposé #3
Courtesy of Auran

Exclusive Concept Art: Coliseum Outer Ring

Exclusive Concept Art: Coliseum Outer Ring

Picking a class in most MMOs is a difficult decision. In choosing a class you effectively make a decision about what role you’d like to play. From this point on you’re left at the discretion of the development team as to how they envision the class’s gameplay, role and balance. Hopefully their vision and balance align with yours. If it doesn’t, it may be time to re-roll or even time for a new game.

Fury breaks the class mold entirely. In Fury, you are able to learn abilities from each of the four schools and eight disciplines. You are then given the freedom to create templates consisting of any of the abilities your avatar has learned. You aren’t tied to the developer’s vision of a ‘tank’, ‘healer’ or ‘hybrid’. You define your own vision, your own path, your own Incarnation.

All abilities in Fury are associated with one of the four schools and eight disciplines. The abilities from each school are focused on one primary element and two secondary elements. The four elements are Water, Nature, Fire, and Air.

The following are a few examples from Fury’s 400+ distinct abilities.

image Name: Toxic Touch
Element: Nature
School: Death
Discipline: Destroyer
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Damage DoT
Target Type: Single Enemy
Description: A deadly physical attack that deals devastating Nature damage and Poisons to the target. If the target is healed while this Poison is active, they will suffer additional Nature damage.
Tip: This attack is great for weakening an opponent. Toxic Touch deals some serious damage, poisons your opponent, and on top of that, if they are healed while poisoned they will lose even more health – How great is that?!
image Name: Firestorm
Element: Fire
School: Death
Discipline: Invoker
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Buff AoE Damage
Target Type: Single Enemy
Description: A Mark that deals Fire damage to all nearby enemies whenever the user is hit with a physical attack.
Tip: Firestorm is perfect for when you’re surrounded and you want your enemies to take as much damage as possible. If in a group, this buff is most useful to whoever is receiving the most melee damage. Either way, it’s always a great buff to have.
image Name: Vampire’s Thirst
Element: Air
School: Decay
Discipline: Defiler
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Point Blank AoE Drain
Target Type: Sphere
Description: A deadly spiritual attack that steals health from all nearby enemies and transfers it to the user.
Tip: This ability is best used when you’re outnumbered. Not only will you deal your enemies a significant amount of damage, you’ll also be using their lost health points to replenish your own, allowing you to stay alive so you can deal even more damage.
image Name: Death Grip
Element: Water
School: Life
Discipline: Champion
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Death Blow
Target Type: Single target
Description: A swift Deathblow attack that can only be performed on enemies with very low health. Once initiated, no enemy can escape a Deathblow.
Tip: Deathblows are for finishing a fight in style, annihilating your opponent with a thrilling display of martial prowess. Deathblows aren’t just about finesse however. They also break through any Defensive Style, allowing you to finish off even the most stubborn of opponents.

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