Fury Abilities Exposé Series

Abilities Exposé #9, Includes An Exclusive Screenshot


We apologize for a few weeks without Fury screenshots and abilities, E3 came a calling! Now we’re back on schedule and bring you Abilities Exposé #9, along with the customary image. For those new to the series, each week we expose four new abilities, which are the lifeblood of a character in the upcoming PvP MMO.

Fury Abilities Exposé #9
Courtesy of Auran

The Decay School (Exclusive)

The Decay School (Exclusive)

Picking a class in most MMOs is a difficult decision. In choosing a class you effectively make a decision about what role you’d like to play. From this point on you’re left at the discretion of the development team as to how they envision the class’s gameplay, role and balance. Hopefully their vision and balance align with yours. If it doesn’t, it may be time to re-roll or even time for a new game.

Fury breaks the class mold entirely. In Fury, you are able to learn abilities from each of the four schools and eight disciplines. You are then given the freedom to create templates consisting of any of the abilities your avatar has learned. You aren’t tied to the developer’s vision of a ‘tank’, ‘healer’ or ‘hybrid’. You define your own vision, your own path, your own Incarnation.

All abilities in Fury are associated with one of the four schools and eight disciplines. The abilities from each school are focused on one primary element and two secondary elements. The four elements are Water, Nature, Fire, and Air.

The following are a few examples from Fury’s 400+ distinct abilities.

image Name: Soul Pact
Element: Air
School: Life
Discipline: Champion
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Buff heal
Target Type: Single
Description: Creates a Soul Pact between the target and the user. This Pact transfers health from the user to the target anytime the target takes damage regardless of distance.
Tip: Soul Pact is one of the most powerful abilities that groups can utilize. Groups often create designated roles for each member, roles such as damage sponge or healer. Soul Pact lets groups manage damage depending on which group member they want to take the majority of damage. For instance, a damage sponge melee character might use Soul Pact on the group’s healer to protect them if they are ever attacked.
image Name: Force of Nature
Element: Nature
School: Growth
Discipline: Warden
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Damage buff
Target Type: Single
Description: A physical attack that deals devastating Nature damage to the target and gives the user a Boon. This Boon greatly increases damage output.
Tip: On top of dealing heavy damage, Force of Nature also increases the user’s damage output; this makes it an excellent ability to use at the beginning of any battle.
image Name: Requiem
Element: Water
School: Life
Discipline: Champion
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Rez
Target Type: Single
Description: If the user is killed while this Blessing is active they can instantly resurrect at the location they died.
Tip: For as long as Requiem is active, you won’t have to be out of the action for more than a few heartbeats. Nothing demoralizes an opponent more than seeing you spring back to life after they worked so hard to dispatch you in the first place.
image Name: Blood Taint
Element: Fire
School: Decay
Discipline: Defiler
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Debuff – No heal
Target Type: Single Target
Description: A spiritual attack that Torments the target. While this Torment is active if a healing ability is used on the target, there is a chance that any subsequent healing abilities used on the target will have no effect.
Tip: There’s nothing worse than hammering on an opponent only to see all your hard-earned damage taken away by a couple of well-timed heals. Blood Taint puts a stop to incoming healing abilities so you can put your enemies where they belong – on the ground.

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