The full movie’s due later this month.

Real ships, real pirates, and real scurvy, promises the makers of this short Assassin’s Creed 4 film. The Devil’s Spear, due October 16th, has everything a pirate could want, and a beard that two badgers could live in. Corridor Digital, an LA-based outfit, has been making videos for a while – YouTube cash has kept it in operation – and now its turned its attention to Assassin’s Creed. Being huge fans, what else could they do but splash pirate action all over the screen? But this is only the teaser, remember; there’s more to come.

Is this the first time you’ve heard of them? Hell no; these are the same folks behind the Legend of Zelda fan film, the live action Minecraft short, the Mario Kart battle, and plenty of other fun videos. If you’re wondering what this one is about, your guess is as good as mine; pirates, obviously, but where do Devils and Spears fit in? At least you haven’t long to wait before you find out.

In the meantime, fear the beard. FEAR IT! It can sense your presence …

Source: Corridor Digital

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