Parents who are leery of sending their child out of doors now have a reason to say, “Put down that controller and go play a video game.” To aid in the battle against childhood obesity, Soft Play have announced two new Active Lifestyle interactive play/exercise gaming platforms–Skater and Range Rider (pictured).

Aimed at 7-12 and 3-6 year olds respectively, these games promote cardiovascular exercise, balance and coordination while providing a customizable game experience via the attached LCD screen. Each unit ships with six games and expansion games will be available for download via a subscription.

Product manager for Soft Play, Jim Swintek says, “Both new units have unique features that children will love to play, and they won’t even think about it being related to exercise. As gaming becomes more popular with children, the obesity epidemic continues to rise. Our goal was to offer clients an option for indoor play that combines exercise skills along with mental stimulation. Our games help promote ‘fun exercise’, while having the same type of gaming challenge.”

More information, including video clips of gameplay and turntables of both units can be found on the Soft Play web site.

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