Activision and Silicon Knights Giving X-Men New Destiny


The developer of Eternal Darkness and Too Human is now tackling the X-Men in a new title that gives mutants choices.

Activision and Marvel announced a new X-Men game under development by Silicon Knights today called X-Men: Destiny. Not many concrete details were given, but a trailer and press release seem to indicate that it has RPG elements involving choices.

Players are known to take on the role of a brand new mutant in a “rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice,” according to Activision. The teaser trailer’s narrator alludes to a struggle that will “define” everyone involved, while showing the outlines of characters such as Wolverine, Phoenix, and Cyclops. The narrator then says “every mutant has the freedom to choose his path,” and shows Magneto, making it seem as if players will have to choose between joining the forces of good and evil in the game.

The X-Men comic books and movies follow a struggle between Magneto, who wants to destroy humanity for trying to control mutantkind, and the X-Men, who struggle to win over humanity with good deeds. I would guess the game is likely to play off of that general storyline by the hints given.

The trailer makes it seem as if players will be able to choose from at least three types of characters: a strong bruiser, an agile female, and an in-between. Unfortunately, nothing was revealed about X-Men: Destiny as far as gameplay goes other than the aspect of choice, so it could be an MMO, a platformer, or another RPG in the vein of the X-Men Legends series for all we know.

Silicon Knights is known for developing Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for the PlayStation, Eternal Darkness on the GameCube, and the notorious Too Human on the Xbox 360. The studio received a $4 million grant in April to make an unannounced triple-A title, and could be it. Though it was believed that a followup to Too Human was in the works, Silicon Knights may seek to get back into the good graces of gamers with the release of X-Men: Destiny instead.

Destiny‘s website currently features a secret mini-game where users can move around a molecule to collect other molecules to become bigger, similar to flOw. I’ve made three different types of molecules, but nothing else has happened, so it might not be a source of any new information just yet.

Source: IGN

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