Activision Confirms 24 Guitar Hero 5 Tracks

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Activision announced 24 of the 85 songs featured in Guitar Hero 5 today, revealing a little bit of something for everyone, from the hipsters to the Britpoppers to the classic rockers and uh, whatever you call people who like Coldplay.

At what point can you have too many damn songs in a music game? Guitar Hero 5 boasts a whopping 85 tracks, and, unsurprisingly, with that many tunes, there’s gotta be something in the game for musical tastes of any inclination. Activision’s PR arm says that Guitar Hero 5 has “variety of today’s rock hits and classic tunes from some of the biggest names in music,” and yes, there sure is variety here, provided you’re talking about pop music with guitars in it.

There are so many songs here that it’s not fair to choose to mention any few in particular and expect everyone to care about them, so I’ll just make note of a few of the ones I’ll be looking forward to playing and then post the list.

Kings of Leon’s “Sex On Fire” is a pretty good song, but should serve more comedy value for drunken requests for somebody to play “Sex On Fire” than anything else. Blur’s “Song 2” is a great tune, and should be good raucous fun, same goes for Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk.” And Elliott Smith seems like a surprising choice for a party game considering how somber and introspective his music is, but hey, why not.

  • Band Of Horses – “Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”
  • Beastie Boys – “Gratitude”
  • Beck – “Gamma Ray”
  • Billy Squier – “Lonely Is The Night”
  • Blur – “Song 2”
  • Bob Dylan – “All Along The Watchtower”
  • Children Of Bodom – “Done With Everything, Die For Nothing”
  • Coldplay – “In My Place”
  • Darkest Hour – “Demon(s)”
  • David Bowie – “Fame”
  • Deep Purple – “Woman From Tokyo (’99 Remix)”
  • Elliott Smith – “L.A.”
  • Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life (Live)”
  • Jeff Beck – “Scatterbrain (Live)”
  • John Mellencamp – “Hurts So Good”
  • John Funk – “Is Bad at Street Fighter”
  • Kings Of Leon – “Sex On Fire”
  • Queens Of The Stone Age – “Make It Wit Chu”
  • Rose Hill Drive – “Sneak Out”
  • Santana – “No One To Depend On (Live)”
  • The Bronx – “Six Days A Week”
  • Thrice – “Deadbolt”
  • Tom Petty – “Runnin’ Down A Dream”
  • Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”
  • Wolfmother – “Back Round”

Which of these songs are you looking forward to playing?

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