According to a survey making its way around the internet, Activision is considering creating an online service for the Call of Duty games that would add a number of features to the multiplayer modes for an additional fee.

Modern Warfare 2 has made its grand debut but not all of us are so blinded by the superhuman feats on display in its single-player mode to notice that something’s been missing from its picture. We all love a good Call of Duty campaign, but what about the other half of the game: multiplayer?

The reason Activision has been mum about multiplayer may be because it has very big and new ideas for how to handle it in the future of the Call of Duty franchise. According to what looks like an online survey conducted by Activision, the company is considering implementing some kind of online service for CoD that will supplement the multiplayer modes with “additional features” that could include early access to map packs, character customization, community and stat tracking, special modes and more.

“This online service would be IN ADDITION to all of the features that already come with Call of Duty games,” the survey reads. “So, you would still have all aspects of Call of Duty that you’ve had in the past, with the option of getting the new service to add to the game for an additional fee.”

That fee, the survey suggests, could come in the form of a special edition of the game or a subscription per month, quarter or year. The survey proposes a variety of packages with different features, and then asks which a consumer would prefer for a certain price. It seems relatively legitimate, though you can never tell these days.

Activision and Infinity Ward have revealed that they’re trying new things with multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2, which will sport some kind of “live updating” feature meant to eliminate the need for patching the game. That’s one thing – this whole online service is another. Whether or not it’s real, would you guys be interested in it at all?

[Via Destructoid]

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