Activision Revives European Team


Activision’s European branches brace for additional employees and reorganization.

Gaming conglomerate Activision is refurbishing its European operations by offering 45 new positions in various studios across the continent. The changes, spearheaded by former Electronic Arts Germany boss Joerg Trouvain and global chief customer officer Brian Hodous, will help repair the crumbling international ranks, who recently lost marketing director Scott Morrison to Australia and head of public relations Tim Ponting to Game Domain International. A comeback is within reach, as the success of Spiderman 3 boosted Activision’s market share in Europe close to its rival Electronic Arts.

MCV spoke with UK general manager Andrew Brown, who explained, “It’s a regretful reality of business that like other publishers, we’ve seen talent churn as Activision moves forward. But we look forward to the opportunities ahead of us as we step up to the next-gen plate and upgrade our business leadership capabilities.

“With the growth we are seeing in our business and such a great roster of games, we have created a number of positions across all areas of the business to deliver on the objectives ahead.

“We are looking to hire the best talent from within and outside the industry to join us to achieve our goals. Activision is a great place to work again, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the best the industry has to offer.”

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