Adam Sandler’s Pixels Movie Gets a Familiar Writer


A frequent Adam Sandler collaborator will write the script for a film based on a viral video short that’s racked up over 300,000 YouTube views.

Earlier this year, Adam Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison, snapped up the rights to French filmmaker Patrick Jean’s celebrated Pixels short. The short, which was filmed in New York City, was released in April 2010 and quickly went viral. The film project now has a writer attached: Tim Herlihy, a longtime friend and collaborator of Sandler’s. The two go back as far as 1993, when they worked together on Saturday Night Live. Herlihy is perhaps more notable for his writing credits on Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer.

The original short, while incredible in its scope and technical prowess, doesn’t have much of a plot beyond (spoiler alert) “pixels escape the confines of the television and literally take over the world.” The production company, in keeping with the speed with which it is handling the project, is already beginning to address this issue. According to Geeks of Doom, Happy Madison “want to take a Ghostbusters action/comedy approach to their take.”

It remains unclear at this point whether the pixels will be cast as protagonist or antagonist; while the 8-bit world might be a blast, the reduction of the earth into a single pixel might cramp our collective human style.

Source: Geeks of Doom

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