Hey, long time no post!

I’d apologize, but you don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to dream up an acceptable excuse. Suffice it to say, I’m Back.

And really irritated.

I just went to the local EB Games shop (which I just highlighted as my favored place to buy games) and discovered something disturbing. I walked in, and the walls were void of any PC titles at all. None. Zero.

Confused, I approached the manager, whom I know by name, and asked him what the deal was, where did all my PC games go?

To which he replied, “That little bookshelf behind you is it. It’s because of the ‘summer switchover’ (No idea).”

I then asked him if he was serious (which he was), and when there would be a bigger selection of PC titles. Apparently there won’t be. One double-sided, four-foot high bookshelf is all that remains. One side for new releases and top sellers (Front facing outward), and the other side packed with older and bargain titles (spine out, packed together). I couldn’t believe it.

So, if this is the new EB Games policy, then I must revise my answer. My favored place to buy PC titles is pending, but I will no longer shop at EB.


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