If you’ve been having a morning sadly devoid of adorable god-puppies, then the latest Okamiden trailer will probably make you want to hug something.

Given how beloved the original Okami was by those who played it, it’s understandable that there’d be some wariness about the upcoming handheld sequel Okamiden. Not only is it being made by a different team than the first game, but the platform itself is completely different. Not only is the DS considerably less powerful than the PS2 and Wii, but the screen is smaller – could the signature classically-Japanese Okami art style still flourish in teeny-tiny-vision?

Well, as we reported at E3, the game feels like it’s in good hands as far as the gameplay is concerned. And this latest teaser trailer from Capcom should lay to rest any doubts that Okamiden won’t be able to duplicate the first game’s hand-painted style. For a DS game, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Set to the J-pop strains of Kii Kitano’s “Hanataba,” the trailer is less about showing off how the game plays and more showing off how it looks – and if you can read Japanese, there’s probably some plot information there, too. I can’t, so I’ll just be over here in my corner just marveling at how expressive they’ve made tiny protagonist Chibiterasu despite the platform’s graphical limitations. There’s something just inherently joyful about this trailer, and it gives me warm fuzzies.

Maybe I’ll end up buying one of those plushies after all.

(Capcom Unity)

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