The people behind Adventure Time created a short about Pikachu’s gas problem. It’s brilliant.

Those of you unfamiliar with Adventure Time, should know two things. First, it is the most cleverly written, hilarious kids cartoon since the early years of Ren & Stimpy. Second, you’ve been wasting your life watching anything else.

Thus, you can be assured that this video, crafted by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and artist Natasha Allegri is of the highest quality. Also, it’s about farts.

Before you watch the clip, let’s give propers where propers are due. I quote Ward’s Twitter reveal of the clip:

Pikapew Poop Chu written, drawn and directed by @natazilla – I edited & was Ash, Brock & farts.. Nat did 1 of the farts

Now, call me childish if you must, but please watch the clip before you charge me with any crimes against maturity. Just try not to laugh when Ash is having dinner with Misty. Seriously. Go ahead. Try.

You failed, didn’t you?

Exactly. Because gassy electric rats are always hilarious. I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible somewhere.

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