Microsoft has been nominated as one of the top ten “digital destinations” to distribute advertisements, from display ads to content deals.

Between Burger King’s games and Dorito’s Xbox Live Arcade contest, the Xbox 360 has been a marketing machine.

AdWeek, an advertising industry website, acknowledged Microsoft’s efforts in the recent “Digital Hot List” ranking of the top ten “dynamite destinations and devices” for advertisers in 2008.

The top ten list includes (in order)
10. Stardoll
9. IMeem
8. The Huffington Post
7. Xbox Live
6. Youtube
5. Glam
4. Hulu
3. iPhone
2. Facebook
1. Google

“A subscription-based Web platform that lets Xbox 360 players talk trash with friends across the globe during sessions of Halo 3 also lets marketers pin down 18-to-34-year old males in a gaming environment, but without interrupting the game,” explained AdWeek. “Nintendo Wii has grabbed headlines, but in marketers’ battle for the living room, Xbox Live is the real game-changer selling downloads of premium programming while delivering a expanding roster of original, ad-supported content.”

Xbox Live is set apart from the rest of the Xbox project because it takes special advantage of online distribution to publish movie and television content from Paramount Pictures, NBC, TBS and Warner, as well as the Netflix deal where Netflix members can view movies via Xbox Live.

Source: AdWeek via Kotaku

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