Agoraphobe Won’t Stop Cause He Can’t Stop; Subpoenas Rappers


Love him or hate him, Erik Estavillo is now just plain entertaining, recently subpoenaing rappers to testify in his bothersome lawsuits.

You, me, my grandmother, and even her grandmother are sick of hearing about the escapades of Erik Estavillo by now, but his recent antics are too entertaining to ignore. He recently subpoenaed rappers Krayzie Bone of the group Bone, Thugs, & Harmony and Lady Sovereign to appear in his dismissed but appealed lawsuit against Sony for banning him from the PlayStation Network.

Estavillo’s “logic” for calling Sovereign and Bone stems from the rappers’ potty mouths. Estavillo plans to “highlight how rappers are not censored/banned/or punished for ‘cussing/trash talking’ on private property i.e. clubs, concerts, music channels/events or award ceremonies,” and yet he was banned from the PSN for saying bad words.

The fact that Estavillo can muck up the legal system with this garbage sure is entertaining, but it also makes me want to throw up a little. If one positive thing can be said about him, it’s that he’s at least coming up with some outside-the-box strategies, but his lawsuits aren’t exactly O.J. Simpson cases, they’re frivolous wastes of tax dollars. What does he plan to ask Bone and Sovereign at the hearing anyway? “So, you curse in public and nobody gets upset, right?” Also, why just subpoena Krayzie Bone instead of the entire group? Now they must feel left out.

With all of Estavillo’s activity, I’m sure the day is coming when his grand designs crumble around him in a sh*tstorm. We can only hope.

Source: GamesPolitics

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