Alan Wake is “Done”


After years of waiting, Remedy has finally put out the word: Alan Wake is “done.” But it’s not quite ready.

We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Since mid-2005, in fact, two years after the release of Remedy’s last game, Max Payne 2, and for most of the years that followed very little was heard about it. It actually hasn’t been all that ridiculously long a wait but people nonetheless began to wonder: Is Alan Wake the new Duke Nukem?

The answer is a resounding “No!” Speaking at a presentation at GDC Europe, Remedy Managing Director Matias Myllyrinne was very direct in his assessment. “It’s all done,” he said. “We’re just polishing at this point.”

As proof that this bun is really in the oven, a new trailer narrated by Remedy writer Sam Lake has been posted on, featuring background, gameplay video and a look at the nightmare bestselling author Alan Wake is trapped in as he searches for his missing wife and the lost pages of a manuscript he can’t remember writing – and that’s coming terrifyingly true.

So it’s “done,” but not done. Finished, but not ready. Completed, but not concluded. Got it? The relevant point is this: If the spring 2010 release date holds, Remedy will have more than enough time to polish this thing to perfection. Now if they could just polish us up a PC version, all would be well.

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