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Alan Wake Remastered Coming to Switch, TV Show Headed to AMC

Alan Wake Remastered Nintendo Switch digital-only native AMC TV show confirmed Lake

It’s the 12-year anniversary of the original Alan Wake‘s launch. To celebrate, Remedy Entertainment did a quick celebratory video where it provided updates on Alan Wake Remastered and the upcoming Alan Wake 2. And while there isn’t much news on the latter, there is a significant reveal for the former. The long-rumored Nintendo Switch port of Alan Wake Remastered is real, and it is coming soon. Plus, the Alan Wake TV show is heading to AMC.

Check out the YouTube clip below for the news:

Right off the bat, we see the motion capture actor for Alan Wake playing Remastered on Switch. The game will launch this fall digitally through the eShop. It runs natively, so it will not be a cloud version like Remedy’s other game on Switch, Control.

In addition to this news, Remedy also confirmed its long-in-development TV show based on Alan Wake is being picked up by AMC. No other announcements about the show were made. Likewise, Alan Wake 2 only received some new concept art in the anniversary video. Originally, Remedy intended to provide a larger update on Alan Wake’s return this summer, but Remedy creative director Sam Lake explains in the video that they have now decided to wait longer for a reveal. Development is going well and is focused on delivering a great survival horror experience, so they “don’t want to pivot the team away from that focus to work on a (summer) demo right now.”

Outside of these announcements, the anniversary video is mostly a big-old reminiscing fest for the Alan Wake series. A great watch for fans of the franchise!

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