Stukov, being a Zerg-infested Terran, will utilize unique units that borrow from both races.

Blizzard has revealed the next commander to join Legacy of The Void‘s popular co-op mode: Alexei Stukov. StarCraft veterans will no doubt recognize the name as the poor infested, un-infested, and then re-infested Terran commander. Stukov will be avalaible some time in 2017, and while Blizzard hasn’t officially revealed his price, we can assume he will cost the same as previously released commanders.

Being a Zerg-infested Terran, Stukov’s units reflect his appearance and borrow mechanics from both races. His Siege Tanks attack with deadly tentacles, but can also be loaded with explosive infested infantry! Stukov can produce infested nests that constantly generate a swarm of troops that you can use to wear down your opponent’s defenses.

Even his bunkers rise up and fight for their master:


Alongside Stukov, two new co-op maps will be released. The first is called “Miner Evacuation.” This map is completely overrun by hostile infested units. It will be your job to help evacuate all of the miners who were left stranded on the planet. The second new map is actually a fan-favorite that’s been requested numerous times: a remake of the arcade map “Left2Die.” The official Blizzard version is called “Dead of Night” and will play out more or less the same way.

You can read more about what’s in store for StarCraft 2 in the official BlizzCon recap.

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