Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition Leaks


Like all good videogames these days, it appears that Aliens: Colonial Marines will launch with a sexy collector’s edition.

Collector’s editions are all the rage these days and big resin statues you could kill someone with are all the rage in collector’s editions, and so it comes as no great surprise that the upcoming shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines will have both. That’s the word from French gaming site Gamekyo, anyway, which claims to have stumbled upon a leaked image of the as-yet-unannounced CE.

What’s on the menu? A “highly detailed resin display model” of someone in a power loader – that’s the exoskeleton thing Ripley used in the Aliens big finish – doing battle with a xenomorph – which, yes, is exactly what Ripley did with the power loader in the Aliens big finish. Not exactly the most original idea ever, and what do you want to bet you’ll end up doing exactly the same thing in the game?

Other CE extras include a new game mode, the “USCM Academy Firing Range,” which I have to say doesn’t sound like the most compelling videogame experience ever, and three “legendary” multiplayer weapons: the M240 flamethrower, the M577 A2 smartgun and the M41A pulse rifle upgrade. Of greater interest is the USCM dossier on the xenomorph infestation, containing a mission briefing, “lost episode” storyboards, schematics of the USS Sephora, USCM fabric patches and more. The whole thing comes in a big, fancy box with a wrap-around background display.

Bear in mind that Sega has yet to comment on whether or not this package is the real deal, so it’s quite possible that somebody is pulling our legs. It certainly looks good, though, at least as far as looking legit; how good it looks as a collector’s edition will be a little trickier to nail down until we get a price.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is slated to come out in the spring for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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