There is still hope for Alita: Battle Angel 2, and it might even utilize Avatar: The Way of Water tech, according to producer Jon Landau - being worked on it and all is well

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Talks Are Underway, Would Utilize Avatar 2 Tech and ‘All Is Well’

There is still hope for Alita: Battle Angel 2, according to Jon Landau, who produced the original 2019 film. He mentioned the potential for a sequel during an interview with Screen Rant, going as far as to say that the team behind the original project is “working on it.” An Alita: Battle Angel follow-up hasn’t received a green light yet, but it sounds like director Robert Rodriguez and star Rosa Salazar are both part of the team working to make it happen.

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Moreover, Landau explained that Alita: Battle Angel 2, if it comes to fruition, will take advantage of the technological advancements brought on by Avatar: The Way of Water. The original Alita: Battle Angel already featured stunning special effects and facial animations, but the Avatar sequel is just simply a cut above the rest. Though Landau and co still have their work cut out for them, it’s clear an Alita: Battle Angel sequel would be even more stunning than the last.

“I think what we’ve learned from Avatar is how much more facial nuance and subtlety that we can get into characters that we want to be emotional and emote that are humanoid,” Landau said. “Alita would not have been possible, but for what we did on Avatar. Avatar: The Way of Water would not be what it is but what we did for Alita. And now let’s put that back and give it back to Alita. We’re talking to Robert and talking to Rosa and all is good.”

The lack of confirmation for Alita: Battle Angel 2 has been an especially hard pill to swallow. The original film, which is an adaptation of a ‘90s manga, set viewers up for a sequel with several unresolved plotlines. The source material for more content is already there, and with the 2019 movie bringing in a sizable $400 million worldwide, the wait for more has been tough. Although it’s nice to hear the crew behind the project is working on a sequel, fans no doubt have at least another few years of waiting to do before they see it come to life.

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