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All Extraction Points on Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov

All Extraction Points on Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov - Shoreline Map

If you’re looking to access high-rarity Medicine spawns in Escape from Tarkov outside of Labs (a centralized, PvP-heavy zone) and many of the mid-game quests, Shoreline is your map. It’s on the larger end, so extracting as a PMC can be especially dangerous with the only possible exfil points existing on the outskirts. Thankfully, a river splits the Shoreline map down the middle, making it easy to know which extraction points you need to use based on which side you spawn on. We’ll cover all of their locations here.

All Shoreline PMC Extraction Points in Escape from Tarkov

You’re liable to get far more out of playing Shoreline on your PMC, as much of the Health Resort’s best loot is behind locked doors. And while some outlying areas also have solid loot, no matter where you explore, you’ll be going to the opposite end of the map to extract (except Path to Lighthouse). Here’s all of them. 


Situated at the southwesternmost section of Shoreline, the easiest way to find it is to head south and then follow the road west. You’ll probably pass the Pier and Scav Island on your way, as well as several Scav spawns, and you’ll also be exposed unless you hug the cliffs. Even then, it’s dangerous. There are few good escape routes from the main road, so I recommend coming from the northwest and using the view of the sea as a marker, but keep a safe distance.

Path to Lighthouse

One of the only extracts available no matter where you spawn on the map, the Path to Lighthouse is also one of the safest. Located on the northwest end of the map, there’s lots of natural cover, multiple ways to approach it, and it’s not in a highly contested area. You will occasionally run into the odd player extracting at the same time you are, but in my experience, booking it to Path to Lighthouse is usually a safe bet.

Railway Bridge

The eastern equivalent of Tunnel, the Railway Bridge is at the far southeast of Shoreline. To actually extract there, you need to nestle up against the train car on the bridge rather than the one sitting on its own. Unlike Tunnel, there’s more cover around this extract, and it’s somewhat less contested, in my experience. 

CCP Temporary

Located just west of Railway Bridge, CCP Temporary is easy to spot: it’s a large, rusted gate with 11 plastered on the wall to the left of the gate. Unlike some other extracts on Shoreline, it’s not always active. There need to be green flares present to leave from it, and while this randomness is inconvenient (to say the least) on certain maps, Railway Bridge is right nearby. 

All Extraction Points on Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov - Screenshot of the CCP Temporary Extraction Point

Pier Boat

The second randomly active extract on Shoreline, Pier Boat is a bit harder to understand, as the boat itself is always there, but the boat lights need to be on for the extract to be usable. Not a difficulty on its own, but the lights are hard to see in the daytime, and the Pier is exposed from every direction, making it a last resort to get out of the map.

All Shoreline Scav Extraction Points in Escape from Tarkov

Scavs have one more option for extracts on Shoreline, but they’re heavily weighted to the western side of the map. That’s intended, as most Scavs will gravitate to the abandoned village and the Health Resort, but there are a couple of options in the east.

Ruined Road

Situated right next to the Tunnel PMC extract, Ruined Road is the, well, ruined road just south of the collapsed tunnel entrance in the alcove bordered by a concrete barrier wall. You can also jump over the far barriers and hide behind them. Just don’t go too far, or you’ll reach the map boundary.

Svetliy Dead End

If you’re running out of time as a Scav looting the Village, you can head to the Svetliy Dead End. You’ll find it in the western part of that area at the end of the central road that runs through it. There’s a green flatbed truck blocking the way, and you’ll want to nestle behind the fallen No Entry sign, but it’s a safe way to get out if you need one in a pinch. 

All Extraction Points on Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov - Screenshot of the Svetliy Dead End Extraction Point

Ruined House Fence

The eponymous Ruined House is just outside Shoreline’s playable area, midway up the western wall. It’s also west of the Swamp, and there are a few hills nearby, giving you cover if you feel you need it. As long as you’re near the house itself, extracting should be simple.

North Fence

In the far northeast corner of Shoreline is a crack in the eastern wall behind a tree, a bit north of the power lines. You’ll need to get right up against the cliffs and head to their end, but if you’re looking for the most out-of-the-way extraction point on the Shoreline map, this is it.


Down at the end of the Pier is a tall, boxy structure—the Lighthouse. Unlike the PMC Pier Boat extract, this Scav location is a bit safer. The extract itself is inside the building, and the offices on the Pier act as solid cover, as do the other Scavs that spawn there (provided they haven’t been culled already).

All Extraction Points on Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov - Screenshot of the Lighthouse Extraction Point

Shoreline Extraction Points for All Players in Escape from Tarkov

There’s only one extract on Shoreline that anyone can use at any time: the Road to Customs at the northern end of the eastern road. Unlike the other checkpoint (CCP Temporary), there’s plenty of forestry and hills to give you cover here. Simply following the road north is one of the easiest ways to find the Road to Customs. You can also use the Radio Tower as a point of reference: the extract is almost directly northeast of it.

That’s it for all of the extraction points on the Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov. And if you’re looking for more tips to the game, check out our full range of guides

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