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All Voice Actors and Characters in Aliens: Dark Descent

All Voice Actors and Characters in Aliens Dark Descent - Administrator Maeko Hayes, portrayed by Julianna Kurokawa .

The planet where Aliens: Dark Descent takes place has a pretty large population, especially for a previously uninhabited world. However, most of them don’t live long enough to get a speaking role in the game. So, which characters feature in the game and who lends their voices to them? Here are all voice actors and characters in Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent Voice Actors and The Characters They Portray

I’m not kidding about characters getting barely a line out. There’s one character you’re introduced to early on and, not five minutes later, they’re wearing a facehugger. Don’t worry, that’s as far as I’m going to go into spoiler territory. 

But that’s probably one of the reasons why, as well as voicing specific characters, several actors lend their talents to background roles. Here, then, is a list of all the actors and their characters.

Sergeant Jonas Harper in Aliens: Dark Descent, portrayed by Jared Zeus.

Jared ZeusSergeant Jonas Harper
Julianna KurokawaAdministrator Maeko Hayes 
Ashleigh HaddadCorporal Willa Hunslet/Additional Voices
Cavin CornwallMajor Theo Stern
Dev JoshiCounsellor Saira Kabiri/Additional Voices
Glenn WrageChief Administrator Hal MacDonald/Additional Voices
Isaura Barbe-BrownCorpswoman Marla Bookard/Additional Voices
Jennifer ArmourCassandra Harper/Additional Voices
Joseph BalderamaSergeant Rico Martinez/Additional Voices
Lucy Newman-WilliamsChief Administrator Barbara Pryce
Mike BodieDoctor Donald Becker/Additional Voices
Michelle AsanteChief Engineer Corrigan
Nathan OsgoodJoseph Marlow/Additional Voices
Mark EbulueAdditional Voices
Nell MooneyAdditional Voices
Fransisco LabbeJefferies

You may or may not recognize those names, but you might have heard their voices before. Jared Zeus, for example, played Kyle Reese in Terminator: Resistance’s Annihilation Line DLC. And Cavin Cornwall was in Dead Island 2 where he took on the role of returning character Sam B.

So if you were wondering who all the voice actors and characters in Aliens: Dark Descent are, there’s your answer. 

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