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All Voice Actors in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has a large cast of human characters, some of whom don’t die horribly. Even better, the overall quality of the voice acting is excellent. But who are these characters voiced by and where might you have heard them before? This is what you need to know about all the voice actors in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2’s Voice Actors, in Alphabetical Order of Their Characters.

We’re not going to risk delving too far into spoiler territory, but there are some dramatic and genuinely moving moments throughout Dead Island 2. Those moments wouldn’t be half as heart-breaking if not for the voice actors who lent their voices to these characters.

The game’s six protagonists are voiced (though not motion captured) by the following actors:

Amy – Skye Bennett
Bruno – Jay Rincon
Carla – Carolina Ravassa
Dani – Michelle Fox
Jacob – Okezie Morro
Ryan – Ronan Summers

We’re particularly happy that each protagonist gets unique lines. It’s not just a case of each actor reciting the exact same script. Yes, we’re looking at you, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As for the other characters, here’s who plays who.

Alex – Derek Siow
Amanda Styles – Becca Stewart
Andrea – Mia Soteriou
Ava – Clara Emmanuel
Boz – Joshua Collins
Bud/Bundy – Sean Power
Burt – Kyle Soller
Cadenza/sKOpe/PA Announcements – Norma Butikofer
Carlos – Andrew Wheildon-Dennis
Carmen – Oliva Carruthers
Curtis Sinclair – Paul Kelleher
Danny – Josh Cowdery
Delgado – Joshua Collins
Denise – Rebecca Crossdale
Denise/Angelina – Kristen Alminta
Dez – Nneko Okoye
Dr. Reuben Reed – Colin McFarlane

Dr. Reuben Reed in Dead Island 2.

Dr. Reuben Reed in Dead Island 2.

Elizabeth – Karina Fernandez
Emma Jaunt – Hannah Steele
Esta Navarro – Michelle Assante
Evie/Janet – Jennifer Armour
Ezekiel – Mark Ebulue
Francesca/Major Booker – Christie Meyers
Greg/PA Announcements – Mitchell Mullen
Hana –  Arina II
Jessie – Thaddea Graham
Jimmy Montana/Joshua – Eric Loren
John/Roger – Chris Ragland
Kai – Kevin Shen
Ken/Steve – Nicholas Bailey
Lola Konradt – Pippa Winslow
Luciana – Elena Sanz
Michael Anders/Sean Joseph May
Patton – Mel Raido

Patton in Dead Island 2. Image via PLAION.

Rainier – Niko Kaim
Rav – Priyank Morjaria
Rikky Rex/Noah – Glenn Wrage
Ronnie – Henry Garrett
Rosa/Nora – Megan Maczo
Roxanne – Jo McCallin
Sam B – Cavin Cornwall
Sarah Sheppard – Cissy Jones
Sebastian – Hyoie O’Grady
Sid/Dougie/sKOpe – Joe Corrigall
Spanish PA Announcements – Carolina Ravassa
Tan – Chris Lew Kum Hoi
Thurston – Ako Mitchell
Tisha Reed – Jessica Hayles
Todd – Arthur Lee
Trent/Luther/Zephron – John Schwab
Valentia – Angelique Fernandez
W.O. Melissa Rodriguez/Rita – Gloria Santillana Garcia

Among the biggest names is the returning character Sam B. He was voiced by Phil LaMarr in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, but here he’s played by Cavin Cornwall. Cornwall was also in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (though sadly uncredited) as the excellently named Pemmin Brunce.

Cavin Cornwall is one of the voice actors in Dead Island 2, taking over the role of Sam B. from Phil LaMarr.

Sam B. in Dead Island 2. Image via PLAION.

You might also recognize Colin McFarlane who, voicing Dr. Reuben Reed here, previously played Commissioner Loeb in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

Skye Bennett, who voices Amy, also cropped up in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In fact, most of the cast members have appeared in other games. Bruno’s voice actor, Jay Rincon, was in Atomic Heart and Horizon: Forbidden West. Jennifer Armour, who plays both Janet and Evie, also appeared in that latter game, among others. 

So, if you were wondering about all the voice actors in Dead Island 2 or wanted to know why Dr. Reed sounded so familiar, there’s your answer. 

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