MSNBC has compiled its top five favorite humorous game quotes, a list sorely lacking in Zero Wing references.

Games were different decades ago. There was once a time when huge publishers didn’t plan for porting their games for different countries and slacked on translators. They also had a sense of humor about the medium, trying not to take games too seriously.

These combined attributes, coupled with some clever writers, have produced hysterical lines that MSNBC has acknowledged in its list of the Top Five Best Videogame Quotes, quips they say, “Intentionally funny or not, these gems get us every single time.”

  • “Get over here!”- Taken from Mortal Kombat, Scorpion yelled this line whenever he whipped his retractable meat hook into the blood-sprinkling body of his opponents, an act that infuriated parents worldwide for the game’s excessive gore.
  • Duke Nukem Forever might just be worth the decade wait if Duke returns to drop his classic “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all out of gum,” in a thug-infested strip club one last time.
  • After beating Bowser and his seven children, players finally meet Toad at the end of Super Mario Bros. to discover that “Our princess is in another castle!” He was kidding, but it caused heart-attacks among gamers nonetheless.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Nico Bellic found himself faced with some tough choices throughout his time in Liberty City. When a group of thugs offer him the choice of joining them or dying, Bellic wryly forces out, “Well, since you put it that way, I’m in!”
  • 1988’s Bad Dudes, a parody of the action movies of the era, ends with the two heroes saving the president from ninjas only to be laughed at and asked by the Commander-in-Chief, “Let’s go for a burger!”

The era pre-dating online translators has since been lost, but if anyone can recall other classic, non-Zero Wing zingers, share them with the world so that the trend may be reborn.

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