A gamer accused of trying to steal downloadable shooter Breach at this year’s PAX East has appeared in court.

Remember this? 20 year old Justin D. May allegedly liked Breach at PAX East so much that he tried to steal it, and then, when his court date arrived, he skipped it, opting to play Modern Warfare 2 instead.

For his second court date, however, he was gracious enough to attend and has entered a plea of not guilty, although according to Jake Wark , a Suffolk County District Attorney press secretary, that’s due to the way the Massachusetts court system works, and a “not guilty plea is automatically entered at arraignment.”

May’s next court date is June 27th, when he and his counsel plan to file a motion to have the case dismissed. Breach is scheduled for release this summer, and you can see a preview of it here

Source: Shacknews

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