image is probably related to an upcoming fan project rather than a new Modern Warfare title.

The mystery of countdown website may have been solved. Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers and other videogame-related productions has uncovered some of the truth behind the Call of Duty-esque site and determined that it’s definitely not for a new game.

When first appeared with its countdown clock, various factors led to speculation that a Modern Warfare 3 announcement was incoming. However, Activision officially called the website a hoax if it was claiming to have anything to do with a Call of Duty game.

Keighley writes that the site is actually the creation of We Can Pretend, which he describes as “an independent Toronto, Canada-based creative collective.” He was told that We Can Pretend plan to launch a Call of Duty inspired project on March 2 that will be “visually spectacular.”

An image was sent to Keighley that makes the project out to be a fan film. The image shows an actor dressed as Simon “Ghost” Riley, the soldier from Modern Warfare 2 that wears a skull balaclava and is the rumored focus of a Modern Warfare prequel.

We’ll find out the truth on March 2. Fans that were excited for a new Modern Warfare title can take solace in the fact that one is probably coming out eventually, and in the meantime can watch whatever We Can Pretend have put together.

Source: GameSlice

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