Altoholics Anonymous: Review on Thugs & Recluse’s Victory

Altoholics Anonymous:
Review on Thugs & Recluse’s Victory

Good evening. This has been a long time coming, but I finally have some stuff to say about the impending release of Issue 7.

Mastermind: Thugs
When I first heard about this new set of minions, I had visions of being a rogue Family member with a cadre of Mooks. This turned out not to be the case, but I still think this is a good thing. For one thing, we finally get a chance to use Dual Pistols; something that a lot of us have been wanting for quite some time. Also on the menu is a sneak peek at the new Trenchcoats. You wont get to see them till you get your second minion upgrade, but they look fantastic!

There isn’t a new secondary to go with the Pistols, but that doesn’t really matter. Traps, Poison, and Archery are fine for those that want to go with the Natural Origin and have it still make sense.

Your first two Thugs are ‘Jo Gang Bangers’ that look like they could be from either the Hellions, or the Outcasts. They get a long Six-Shooter Revolver first, and then a second one with the first upgrade. Your third Thug is your first Lieutenant, who carries a SMG. Your third ‘basic’ Thug is a Firebug. Your fifth one is your second lieutenant with a Bruiser (who has the Large form) rounding out the gang, who roars in on a Motorcycle. Makes me wonder if they’re thinking about vehicles for a future release. *crosses fingers*

Unlike other minions, there is a lot more variety in clothing and appearance with Thugs. However, you will occasionally get a set of twins, but that’s ok. One thing I would like to have more control over, is which variety they come out as every time… Or, like a lot of people who run Masterminds, be able to design their look altogether. It would make naming them a lot easier for me if they looked the same every time, but that’s just me. I don’t think that will be happening any time soon though. So if that’s something you’re wanting to see, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. However, we can still petition and nag for it. 😉

Now, in actual combat…

Like the other Masterminds, you will level a bit faster than the other ATs. I imagine that it will be like leveling a Mercenary with all the distance attacks… but without a healer minion, you will probably want to pick up First Aid if you haven’t picked Poison or Traps as your secondary. (Might still want to get First Aid even with Traps… the recycle on that baby is rather long)

I’m more of an assault type of guy, so I didn’t test this out that much till the 40 bump test came out. This is a must have when out in the field, if only to survive the initial strikes from Scrappers. I think I annoyed too many people that first night, because I was being targeted right and left after the first 40 minutes. hehe (In case you’re wondering, I was Mick Falcone)


Recluse’s Victory:
I have to say, this was an ingenious ‘new zone’ that Cryptic came up with. When you take over a ‘Pillbox’, the effects are immediate. Villains won several times, and seeing Atlas Park Arachnos-ified, complete with Recluse in place of Atlas… well, if you’re into the game as much as I am, you’ll probably get chills the first time you see it too, complete with new Arachnos buildings.

You don’t have access to the complete Atlas zone, however, but it isn’t small either. I’d say about 85 to 90% of the zone is playable. Beyond the boundaries, the buildings get quite ‘upgraded’ with Arachnos Architecture. You wont find any of the old badge points, but I don’t know if they added new ones or not.

The only thing I’m not too keen on is the ‘Dimensional Reset’. If either side wins all of the anchors, after about five minutes the whole thing resets to a ‘default’ position that has generic turrets that are purple, as opposed to yellow. (this is at level 40) If it’s generic, then who set them up? It doesn’t make sense to me. However, if that’s how they want it, I guess that’s how it’ll be. Honestly though, only one kvetch in the whole design is a good thing. They really did a bang up job with this.

I’m so looking forward to playing this on Virtue.

Peace out!
CoH WarCry Staff
[email protected]

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