Hello, I’m Hewolf, and I’m an Altoholic.

*pause for hello’s back[/I]*

Yes, I’m one of you. One of the one’s that has terrible decision making skills when it comes to playing any one character. From Defenders and Blasters to Dominators and Masterminds, the choices are positively staggering. Having read comic books from the age of nine, my mind is still fueled by the imagination inspired by the scent of heroes in ink.

I had the same problem in Dark Ages of Camelot. After a year of the driving will to get my solo mercenary to level 50, something in my mind just snapped. “[i]What does this do? Oooh that race is niiiice…” etcetera and so forth. As anyone who ever played a Mercenary from the opening week of DAoC’s inception, you know the frustration. I guess I couldn’t take it anymore. By the time I hit 45, I convinced my wife to play the game as a friar to help heal my sorry butt.

But enough about DAoC. This is about Heroes and Villains.

After the first beta, I was lost in a sea of costumes. I’d get to level 10 and re-roll the character because I didn’t like some little thing with the costume. (This was before Icon) Just before I got into the CoV beta, I had one character up to 25. An Electric/Electric Blaster. Yes, some would say I’m a glutton for punishment. *shrugs*

And then, the Dev’s said: Let there be Villains. And there were… and they were bad.

‘Guns… lots of guns.’ The call of the mercenary lured me once again into the sweet sound of multiple gunfire. There is nothing better than telling your three to six mercs to go whack someone.

Then there’s ‘DOMINATE’, ‘SCOURGE’, and ‘SMASH!’…. Fire… Ice… ZOMBIES!

It’s positively dizzying to someone like myself with the amount of choices you have with the combined games of City of Heroes and City of Villains.

This column is going to be about the different character classes inside the world of Paragon City, and the Rogue Isles. Mostly from the Isles, as it’s good to be bad…

My name is Hewolf, and I’m an Altoholic.

God Save us All.

[email protected]

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