Amazon Listing Reveals 1TB Xbox One

Xbox One 1TB Amazon

Amazon has added a new listing for an one terabyte version of the Xbox One.

Earlier this week, news came out that Sony might likely has a one terabyte version of the PlayStation 4 in the works. That being the case, many figured it was just a matter of time before Microsoft came out with a similar version of the Xbox One. Now, if a new product listing from Amazon is any evidence, it would seem that that day is arriving.

The listing, discovered on Amazon today, is for a separate version of the Xbox One that, among other standard features, will supposedly include “a 1TB internal hard drive.” The product description goes on in more depth to say that the console “now includes a 1TB hard drive for storing games and media.” While the listing doesn’t come with any price, Amazon did include a June 15th release date. Gamers will likely recognize this as also being the same day as Microsoft’s main presentation for E3 2015. This, of course, suggests that it had probably planned to announce the new high capacity console during its show.

That the 1TB console could be ready for purchase so soon also suggests that this is less a reaction to Sony and more likely something Microsoft’s had in the works for awhile now. What will be interesting to see is how the two companies decide to price these new versions of their consoles once they’re announced. Granted, they’ll probably just match each other, but if one wound up being more expensive it could make for some interesting competition.

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