Amazon Opens Online Drone Store, Ensures Flying Robot Apocalypse

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New Amazon portal has everything a drone enthusiast could ask for.

Oh how grand it would be if every city and town had a drone shop — a DroneShack, if you will (that’s some solid free advice right there, RadioShack). It might take some time before Everytown, USA has a Mom & Pop Drone Shoppe, but Amazon will do in a pinch, right?

Amazon has officially opened its latest eCommerce initiative — the Amazon Drone Store. The new portal, part of the larger Amazon store online, wants to be the one-stop shopping arena for drone beginners and enthusiasts alike.

So far, the store is split up into three categories: Recreational, Photography, and Accessories. Recreational covers less expensive drone hardware, like the $300 iPhone-connected Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, on downward. You’ll find more expensive offerings under Photography, like the $1,300 DJI Phantom 2.

The Accessories section is where drone enthusiasts can really geek out, it seems. Rechargeable battery packs, spare parts, servo testers, carrying cases…and the list goes on.

If anything, the Amazon Drone Store should make getting into the drone business that much easier. Users reviews on Amazon, while sometimes funny, can hopefully guide some purchases, and Amazon’s usually-solid return policy/policies will treat buying mistakes gently.

If you’re a drone enthusiast yourself, let us know what your thoughts on the storefront in the comments.

Source: Amazon Drone Store

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