A Battlefield 3 book written by former SAS soldier and currently BF3 consultant Andy McNab has turned up on Amazon.

Andy McNab is a name that will probably be familiar to readers with a taste for military fiction. It’s the pseudonym of a former Special Air Services soldier and Gulf War veteran who took up the pen after retiring from the service, writing numerous novels like Bravo Two Zero, Exit Wound and The Grey Man, consulting on the Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro film Heat and, more recently, taking up an advisory role on Battlefield 3. But it turns out that his involvement with the Battlefield franchise goes a little beyond just helping out the mo-cap department.

A recently-discovered Amazon entry reveals an upcoming Battlefield 3mass market paperback” weighing in at 400 pages and due out on October 25. Barnes and Noble also has it listed as an eBook; neither site, however, says anything about the nature of the book, nor does McNab’s personal website. As the Battlefield 3 Blog notes, it could be anything from a detailed retelling of the game’s single-player campaign to a “making of” book, although McNab’s involvement makes the former scenario far more likely.

The Battlefield 3 novel is currently scheduled for release on October 25 for $9.99 on Amazon or $8.99 in “Nook Book” format. Battlefield 3 launches on the same day for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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