A tense showdown kicks off the return of AMC’s cornerstone series.

When we last checked in with the Walking Dead, Rick and the Alexandria gang had seen their idyllic community overrun by walkers, while Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl had just been introduced/held up at gunpoint to the Saviors. Morgan and Carol had also gotten involved in quite possibly the dumbest, most hackneyed standoff the show has ever done, but let’s forget about that for now.

Overall, the reaction to “Start to Finish” was negative bordering on disdainful, with Wikipedia citing it as “the worst reviewed episode of the entire series.” While the anti-climactic, cliffhanger ending that capped off the eighth episode of season six was something that fans of The Walking Dead are all too familiar with by this point, “Start to Finish” seemed to hit harder than previous letdowns, if only due to how strong the season started off.

In an effort to console the show’s disappointed legions, Walking Dead Robert Kirkman promised that “so many people” would die when the show returned this Sunday. Which brings us to last night, when the first four minutes of The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere made its way online.

Continuing with the intense showdown between Daryl, Abraham, Sasha and the Saviors that served as the epilogue to “Start to Finish,” the opening sequence is about as tense as it gets, and suggests that Abraham may very well be one of the characters that bites it (pun so intended) in the show’s return.

He probably won’t though. It’ll probably just be a bunch of side characters instead. Who do you see biting the bullet, Escapists?

Source: AMC

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