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An Epic Borderlands Cosplay Gallery


These amazing Borderlands cosplay pics from PAX Australia come to us courtesy of photographer Miranda Miller.

PAX Australia 2014 may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. While I vigilantly endeavored to capture as much cosplay of the event as I could, I unfortuantely missed a massive, impromptu Borderlands group cosplay following the Gearbox Borderlands panel. Thankfully, my friend Miranda Miller was on the scene, and with a camera much better than my own, managed to snap these amazing shots. Enjoy!

borderlands cosplay 2 003

Group Shot

First up, a massive group shot of all the participants in the cosplay session (click the image to enlarge).

borderlands cosplay 2 002

Group Shot (Closeup)

A closeup of the group shot, showing off the insane attention-to-detail these guys put into their costumes.

borderlands cosplay 2 008


Here we see Mordecai as he appeared in the original Borderlands. Cosplay by M&M Cosplay.

borderlands cosplay 2 001


And here he is again, this time, in his Borderlands 2 outfit. Cosplay by Hollow Society

borderlands cosplay 2 004


I can completely OK with this genderswapped Krieg by cosplayer Sarah Youl.

borderlands cosplay 2 006


Melissa McLeod demonstrates how completely perfect Nerf guns are for Borderlands cosplay.

borderlands cosplay 2 009

Tiny Tina

“This here’s Mushy Snugglebites, and this is Felicia Sexopants. These fiiiine-ass womens could stop that train for yas, but I’ma need their badonkadonks first.”

borderlands cosplay 2 012


This Gaige’s hair is absolutely amazing, and little details, like the wrench and the lunchbox, really make this. Cosplay by Tiani Nerys

borderlands cosplay 2 015


Handsome Jack’s daughter charging up the vault key. Cosplay by Jessica Zack.

borderlands cosplay 2 014

Group Shot

And lastly, another group shot of some more vault hunters (and baddies).

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