Andrew Garfield Wanted A Spider-Man / Avengers Team-Up Movie

Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield had hoped his Amazing Spider-Man would crossover with Avengers, but is still excited to see what Marvel has planned.

It’s hard not to feel a little for Andrew Garfield, our latest movie Spider-Man. Sure, The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel were critical flops, but it was a long-term project Garfield had high hopes for. What’s interesting is, just like other Spider-Man fans, Garfield was completely down for that long-rumored crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, before The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was cancelled he actively campaigned for it behind the scenes.

“I’ve been petitioning to hook up with Marvel since the beginning, so I’m really glad they’re finally doing it,” Garfield recently told Uproxx. And while the circumstances behind how Spider-Man reached Marvel is a sore spot for Garfield, he’s still excited to see the finished movie. “All the ins and outs of what happened is a more tender conversation that maybe I don’t want to talk about in public in a press situation. But all I can say is that I’m stoked to go and watch a Marvel film of Spider-Man.”

Of course, another question is what The Amazing Spider-Man might have offered if Marvel’s deal fell through. Sony had originally planned an extended Spider-Man universe that would’ve included Venom and Sinister Six, not to mention a third film in the series. “I was actually starting to workshop ideas with Alex Kurtzman, who was going to be writing [The Amazing Spider-Man 3],” Garfield continued. “We thought to kind of start from the base level, the foundational level of where have we left Peter and where do we want to see him go and what’s logical. And how do we build upon where we left off with this deep, desperate moment with Gwen? So, yeah, we got to some pretty heavy places and I was really excited to kind of explore it and be involved on the ground level like that.”

In the end however, Garfield seems pretty gracious about the whole affair and looking forward to enjoying Spider-Man as a movie-goer once again. “”I’m really, really grateful for the whole ride of it,” he said. “And I’m really excited for the next one.”

Source: Uproot, via Games Radar

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