Netrunner Overdrive

Overdrive Draft Starters, Corp Draft Packs, and Runner Draft Packs for Android: Netrunner Draft Play are now available.

Fantasy Flight Games has released Overdrive, the second pool of cards for Android: Netrunner Draft Play. Overdrive consists of 194 randomized cards from the entire Android: Netrunner product line, including the Core Set, the first two deluxe expansions, and the first three cycles of Data Packs – 43 of which are drawn from the upcoming Lunar Cycle packs.

Overdrive also introduces new draft play challenges with some shifts in how players will want to compile server defenses, economic drivers, and icebreaker suites. Many of the draft strategies that worked in Cyber War will no longer be optimal – players will have to learn tactics.

In order to play Overdrive, each participating player will need to bring a 16-card Draft starter and two 40-card Draft Packs, one each for Corp and Runner. Alternatively, groups with an even number of players can split up in two groups so that half the players draft only Corp cards and the other half draft only Runner cards. In this case, each player only needs the Overdrive Draft starter and a single Draft Booster. The Overdrive Draft Starter is a fixed collection of rules and thirteen utilitarian cards that include a draft-only Corporate identity and a draft-only Runner identity.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

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