Angry Birds Drive Angry With New Kart Racer


The handheld home-wrecking simulator/multimedia empire gets a bit faster with Angry Birds Go.

Rovio’s ubiquitous bird-flinging title might not be high art, but it’s certainly put gaming into the hands of all new audiences. By this point, the $.99 game has a large enough mindshare to support an empire of licensed merchandise rivaling most film franchises. Oh, there’s going to be one of those too. So, what’s the next step for the feathered pork busters? Rovio decided to answer that question via a trailer entitled “What IS Angry Birds Go!?”, whose choice interrobang seems to suggest equal parts alarm and fear. So, does the video answer its own question?

Not really. All we know at this point is that it’s a kart racer, sponsored by Red Bull. That doesn’t tell us much, as Red Bull will sponsor pretty much anything. Presumably, various birds and piggies will strap into high-performance racing machines and drive recklessly while flinging various zany powerups at each other. Hey, if The Phantom Menace can get a cutesy game with bobble-headed racers, Angry Birds can have one too.

Rovio claims that a full release date and gameplay trailer will follow soon.

Source: YouTube

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